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Welcome to the personal website of Janita Poe, veteran journalist and Ph.D. student at Georgia State University

Janita is a six-time award-winning writer, a skilled newsroom manager and a commentator with more than two decades experience in the news business.

Her research interests include journalism ethics and pedagogy, best practices in virtual international exchange and virtual study abroad options for isolated, lower-income youth in the United States and other parts of the world.

Before beginning work on a Ph.D. in global communication at Georgia State University in the fall of 2016, Janita worked as a staff reporter and editor for four metropolitan newspapers -- the Chicago Tribune, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the St. Petersburg Times and the Orlando Sentinel. In addition, she has launched two news websites, CascadePatch.com and AL.com/Montgomery.

To learn more about Janita, click on the links on the right to review her bio, resume and samples of stories she has written and produced as a print and online journalist. Scholars may visit her accounts at Academia.edu, ResearchGate.net and GoogleScholar.

To see some of her "Poe in The Gump" opinion pieces from AL.com or samples of her Cascade Patch columns for Southwest Atlanta, click on "Opinion."

Last, but not least, if you like her work, don't forget to follow @PoeCommunicate on Twitter and like her Facebook fan page www.facebook.com/JanitaPoe.

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